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Wolf of Wall Street

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I just watched Wolf of Wall Street and I wanna be a fucking millionaire doing cocaine. Please help me.


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Sorry Valentino but I am not Toni Montana.

Toni H.
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Shit.. let's play some binaries then :)

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Well, with an approach like that you're unlikely to get anywhere, in order to earn money on binary options you must study and practice a lot.

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You Mr.Prime are so right, it is a process, a learning day by day process. He has a wrong way of thinking but if he study and read real binary option articles he will learn quickly there is NO fast way to making money in this business. The market as you know will beat him up, beat him down, kick him in the teeth, slap him around and then lift him up brush him off, wipe all his wounds and then start another beating. The market is no joke look at Amazon went from 1007.00 per share now down to 978 dollars per share Bezo lost billions not millions just in the last past week. Reality will be the judge, jury and executioner all in one move.