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FX Leaders App - Can you make profit with premium signals?

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FX Leaders Review

FX Leaders is a popular forex signals service, which works on a monthly subscription or with broker registration. The company provides over 1,000 signals per year with significant profit.

You can use the web service or download the mobile app, which is available for free.

The company behind FX Leaders is called Smart Financial Traffic Ltd. This company has operated since 2012, with an address in Israel, providing mostly forex signals. However, you can also get crypto and commodities signals with a premium account.

The traders behind FX Leaders

 FX Leaders traders

The guys from FX Leaders claim to be professional traders who follow the markets and send profitable signals. We have researched them on Linkedin and found the people behind the FX Leaders project, formerly known as FXMarketLeaders. Here is the list of traders who provide live forex signals.

Skerdian Meta

Mr. Meta is the main financial analyst at FX Leaders. He has been trading forex since 2007 and has a master’s degree in accounting. According to his LinkedIn profile, Skerdian is based in London, UK and has worked on the FX Leaders project since 2014.

Rowan Crosby

Mr. Crosby works as analyst for Asian equity, forex and commodity markets. He is based in Sydney, Australia and has worked with FX Leaders since 2017. Rowan holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce, Accounting and Finance from the University of Western Australia.

Arslan Butt

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Butt is a modern forex influencer who holds live webinars and speaks about the successful life of a forex trader. Arslan graduated from the University of Gujrat in Pakistan, but is now living the dream in Melbourne, Australia.

How FX Leaders works

Little is known about Mr. Crosby’s and Mr. Butt’s strategies. Maybe, this is a big secret, and you have to pay the $40 subscription to get into the bright minds of these modern forex geniuses. Unfortunately, Mr. Crosby and Mr. Butt are known to be cheap and do not provide any free signals, so we cannot verify their talent.

FX Leaders review

Some rumors suggest these guys use some secret technical indicators, such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands, but the details are all cloudy and mysterious. My best guess is that these modern geniuses practice some ancient meditation, which send them into the future. When Mr. Crosby and Mr. Butt return from the future, they of course will give you the correct forex signals for only $40.

These blokes are not stupid. They know a few marketing tricks and will offer you the signals for free, but you have to register and make a deposit at a forex broker first. Thus, FX Leaders give you very profitable signals for free, you make tons of cash, the broker loses money and you are on top of the world.

I believe the FX Leaders working process should be clear so far. Mr. Crosby and Mr. Butt are traveling through space and time to deliver the best forex signals to you. You can think of them as modern Robin Hoods who aim to destroy the forex brokers.

Is FX Leaders legit?

Honestly, FX Leaders seems very shady. On their website, they claim 3,635 pips profit in 2018, but there is no actual evidence for those signals. We just see some random P/L numbers on some gawky tables, and the link that is supposed to download the full report doesn’t work.

3,635 pips profit for one year is not extraordinary and is actually very low considering how many people work on this project. Unfortunately, it seems like Mr. Meta, the leading analyst, cannot prove even this number, and all past signals are not displayed.

We cannot find any history of signals. So, I wonder why if those signals are so profitable, we can’t see any past signals, only marketing materials? My guess is that with these signals you would lose in a long run.

The FX Leaders app looks glamorous, but it is hard to believe there is any value in it. The FX Leaders rating on FPA is a disaster, and the reviews are scary. According to the reviews, most of the signals are losing, and you cannot expect a refund.

The reviews on the App Store and Google Play might give you some hope, but again, on top of these lists are mostly negative reviews. The fact that FX Leaders do not show any proof of their profit speaks for itself.


King Kruel's picture

When it comes to FX Leaders it is all doom and gloom. They display some signals with Take Profit and Stop Loss levels but if you want to see the Entry Price you need to buy the premium service!? They can not verify any of their profits and when you ask them about what strategy they use - the answer is that is a secret algorithm. Yeah, right.. I bet this secret algorithm is some software generating 50/50 signals, you will have the same success by flipping a coin. This FX Leaders app is all about sending traffic to forex brokers and these forex gurus make profit on the affiliate programs. They only help brokers make money and not the traders.

King Kruel