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FX Meter App - Best currency strength meter

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FX Meter Review

The FX Meter app was created by the guys from UrbanForex, who aim to solve the problem of incorrect data delivered by so many strength meter apps. As a forex trader, you should appreciate an app that delivers you the most accurate information about currency strength.

The FX Meter app is available for Android mobile devices and iPhones with in-app purchases.

The UrbanForex crew has created the FX Meter app to help traders find the best trades for the day. The app can help you spot trend reversals and trend strength, but you still have to be an experienced price action trader to profit on the forex market.

How the FX Meter app works

The guys from UrbanForex claim to update the app manually without using any robots or artificial intelligence. We cheer them for their hard work in front of the monitors, constantly following all currency markets. We can imagine the $9.00 fee is hardly enough to cover the daily caffeine needs for one of these guys, so you better go for the full package.

You need to appreciate the constant work of guys who never sleep but keep following the forex market 24 hours to deliver the most accurate data. The FX Meter app shows you the strongest and the weakest currency in real time. Thus, the app helps you in your daily trading decisions whether you trade trend pullbacks or ranges.

FX Meter app

How to profit with the FX Meter app

To profit with the FX Meter, you obviously need some forex trading experience. If you expect easy money, you better try Circus of Cash slot. With the app showing you the strongest and the weakest currency, you will know which pair is currently trending.

For example, let’s say the app shows that the strongest currency is USD, the second strongest is JPY and the weakest is NZD. This simply means the pair NZDUSD is moving in a downtrend and USDJPY is ranging because both currencies are strong.

If you have successfully finished fifth grade, you will be able to figure out which pair is trending by simply looking at the chart. Otherwise, you might use the FX Meter app and the manually updating guys will let you know.

Best currency strength meter

I am not sure if this app is worth purchasing, but it looks like many traders love using the FX Meter. They find it useful in spotting trends and finding the best trades. Thus, the app could be useful, especially if you are a price action trader.