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GBP/USD Signal - UK Brexit in March - 03 Oct 2016

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20:00 GMT
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During the previous couple of days the GBP/USD pair has been exploring the 1.2915 - 1.3000 area (highest to lowest price) creating a bearish gap at the market open on Monday. This happened due to Brexit doubts which were brought up again after British prime minister noted that the UK will begin the Brexit negotiation process by March 2017 and it is set to the leave the EU by the summer of 2019.

At present the pair is attempting to move away from the five-day lows that we witnessed last week by attempting bounce to the upside from 1.2850, while trying to recover after a sharp drop to the 1.2920 level (lowest price for the Asian session).

After the drop below 1.2900, the pair is looking heavy, however the weekly support line at 1.2850 is so far holding it up. We are looking at 1.2920 to buy daily puts heading into the 20:00 GMT expiration.

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