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GBP/USD Forecast 31 May 2016

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GBP/USD Forecast 31 May 2016
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On Monday, the market had no significant reasons for the growth of the GBP/USD.

However, the pair GBP/USD managed to add about 30 points. Today during the Asian session, the pair was able to reach a high of 1.4725.

Today, the UK calendar is empty. The US is to publish data on personal spending/income. The income is expected to increase by 0.4% (in April), the spending by 0.7%. Chicago PMI is expected to increase to 50.8 from 50.4 in May. The index of consumer confidence from the Conference Board predicts the growth from 94.2 to 96.1

Yesterday, a member of the Fed's FOMC Bullard expressed the need to explore more economic data before making a decision on the rate hike.

How to trade

The pair GBP/USD has the several key levels on the hourly chart: 1.4730, 1.14688, 1.14624. The short-term upward movement is possible in the range of 1.4688 - 1.4730. The short-term downward movement is possible in the range of 1.4624 - 1.4568. We would buy call options if the pair rises above 1.4688. We would buy put options if the pair declines below 1.4624.

Expiry time: 20:00 GMT

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