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Gold Signal - NFP report - 08 Aug 2016

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In the past couple of days after the release of the NFP report that came out on Friday, the value of gold has been slowly dropping until it hit rock-bottom several hours ago at the $1330 level. The reason for this decline is that the more jobs that are added (Us added 255, 000 jobs in July) the stronger the US economy becomes, thus interest rates are likely to become higher which means that is safer for traders to sell their gold.

Today in Asia gold prices have reached $1338, and have subsequently pulled back only to become buoyant once more and trade at $1334 as of writing. We are looking for the price to rise to some extent during the remainder of the US session, maybe to $1336. We would be looking to buy daily puts as it is unlikely to maintain the session high level for a long period of time.

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