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How to fool your binary broker and earn income with one touch options

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Do you want to know how to cheat your broker and get 100% guaranteed profit?

There is one easy and legal way to cheat your broker and guaranteed profit. It’s based on mistakes of all the binary options brokers.

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Binary brokers are scam?

Binary options brokers cheat their traders and there are many scam brokers. Every other trader thinks so when he or she loses his or her deposit. Money is not earned, personal money is spent, what to do? I confess that when I first lost my deposit, I thought this too.

Then, I had the idea if my binary options broker cheated me, why can’t I fool him? Let's see which of us is more cunning.

I started working on how I could cheat the broker. I don’t have hacking skills, so I didn’t try to break codes. I only have a higher education and am savvy. I decided to use this for my purposes. After a lengthy analysis of binary options brokers, I noticed that all the brokers have one feature in their trading platform that I could turn to my advantage. Because of this feature, I could have eight profitable options out of ten.

The only disadvantage was I could use the feature only once per week. However, for the month, I could use it four times. Converted into cash, my bet of $25 would pay out at 80%. Thanks to eights profitable bets out of ten, for one month, I gained $640 (profit from transactions) - $200 (losing trades) = $440.

This result was good for me because it was better than simply losing the deposit. Now, I triple the number of assets, so you can calculate how much I earn per month.

How to easily cheat your broker

STEP 1. Find the right binary options broker

Logically, the first and most important thing you need is the binary options broker. However, which do you choose?Also, it is necessary to choose the broker that offers both"one touch" options and options with a long expiration. As I had already lost my deposit with OptionBit, I decided to test my strategy with this broker.

Let’s go back to our options. A "One touch" option is needed in order to determine the direction of the option CALL/PUT. Thus, I used the "one touch" option with the term expiration of six days.

We need long-term binary options just to trade and gain profit.

STEP 2. Determine the direction of prices

On the weekend (Saturday or Sunday doesn’t matter), you should open your broker’s platform and see how the broker set the upper and lower levels for the "one-touch" option. Thereafter, you should count the number of points from the current price to the upper and lower levels. If the current price to the upper level is more than the points from the current price to the lower level, the direction of the option will be CALL.

I think it is clear, in whatever direction you count, the one with more points from the current level is the direction you choose.

You ask, what is the logic? It is very simple. Target levels for “One touch” options are set manually by the broker. What is his main task? That's right.The price shouldn’t reach the upper or lower level because the trader will lose his or her money. Therefore, before setting these levels, the broker’s analyst makes a prediction, and manager puts the target level as far as possible from the current price so the expiry time will occur before the price can reach the needed level.

However, from another view, the broker’s actions actually help traders. The broker tells the trader where price will move (its analysts have calculated). As I said, the target level is set in order for traders to not have enough time to reach the level. However, I also use the long-term options. In this case, the level and the price don’t matter to me. The direction is important.The price will be 100% higher than the current price after my long-term option expires.

STEP 3: Purchase option

Once you have chosen the broker and direction, it is important to understand when it is necessary to buy the option to gain a profit. I advise buying an option on Monday morning in the direction you identified on Saturday or Sunday. The term of the option should be set "the end of the week." Afterward, the deal is made, and we wait for the result.

Any broker has enough assets to trade“One touch” options, so there are no problems with the choice of asset. The main thing is to choose the broker platform that enables you to count points. Also, it is best to choose the assets that have the greatest distance from the current price to the target levels.

If you want to increase your profits, I still recommend you do this not by increasing your investment but by increasing the number of transactions. You can buy just two to three long-term options with different assets after checking the direction with"one touch" options. Now, calculate how much the broker pays you for his or her carelessness.

As you can see, how to cheat a broker is clear. No one is actually cheating.The brokers try to catch you being careless, and you do the same. The concept is simple.

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