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How to trade binary options signals successfully?

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binary options signals
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Trading binary signals

This article is focusing on signals published by traders from our trading community. Our signals are published manually 8h to 24h before expiry so that you have plenty of time to take a decision. There are no automatic systems, robots and stuff, but genuine analysis by professional traders.

To trade our signals you need to have a real trading account at a binary options broker that offers daily expiry time at or around 20:00 GMT.

We are publishing free binary options signals with a proven track record from all of our data. Traders can easily check how successful our signals are, by looking at the signals win rate, where they can find information on the success rates. We believe that this is the fairest way of providing signals to other traders.

Who is Matthew Taylor?

Matthew is an experienced Forex and Binary trader with over 10 years of experience on the currency markets. He has developed his own strategies for trading binary options combining fundamental factors and technical levels. If you want to understand more about his unique way of trading we would recommend you to follow his signals.

How Signals are published?

Matthew is a day trader who closely follows Forex markets so he has an idea which pair may bring you the best profit. Basically by drawing support and resistance on the chart he can identify key levels for buying Put and Call options. Once this is done the signal is published manually on the website and appears on this page:

Binary Options Signals

How to trade the signals?

Most often you will get signals for buying Call or Put options on a given Forex pair. As you see on the signal example there is a Buy Level and expiry time so if you decide to take this signal you should wait for the price of the forex pair to reach that level. The expiry time usually is 20:00 GMT, when New York trading wraps up.

Of course if your binary options provider offers a later end of day expiry you can still take the positions, but do so at your own risk.

Buy levels may also match the current price – in that case you should react quickly to the signal.

It is important to have an account at a binary options broker to trade the signal. So open an account, make a deposit and choose the forex pair which we are sending a signal for. Set up expiry time to 20:00 GMT and invest the amount which you can afford.

If the signal is correct your payout should be of around 80-85%.

You can check our signals win rate on the following page:

Signals Win Rate

Trading our signals is very easy and profitable at the same time. However you should be aware that there is a significant risk involved in trading binary options. We can’t guarantee 100% success of our signals and we will not be held liable for any traders’ losses. If you decide to trade any of our signals the risk is your responsibility.

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Wed, 12 Jul 2017