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How to trade binary options when you don't have electricity or Internet

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This is a real situation that can happen to you at any moment

You need to have a ready solution and backup plan if such circumstances occur. You really don’t want to miss a great trading opportunity that can bring to your wallet a good amount of money due to external causes that are not in your power. Keep in mind these common situations and take the right preventative action.

What to do when it happens?

We would like to present you with some possible solutions which you can use.

1. If you don't have internet:

- go to the closest shopping mall, internet cafe, library or any other place that offers free Wi Fi.
- use a mobile device that has Internet (3G)
- If possible, call the broker and ask to place your investment over the phone
- Never ask a friend to log into your account and complete the trade for you. This is very risky!

2. If you don’t have electricity:

- the best solution will be to use your cell phone
- it's always a good idea to have additional battery, just in case that your phone was not charged
- it's good to have a phone charger in your car (if you have a car)
- always keep money in your account because sometimes the deposit process takes time

In order to ensure that nothing will interfere with your trading, you need to be prepared. In our modern and very well-developed world, it's easy to do it and it doesn't cost a lot of money.

The tips that we have provided to you in this article can be used in variety of similar situations when your trading is being interrupted.

If you have any ideas that you think that can be added to our tips’ list please contact us, comment, or publish your opinion on our forum.

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