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How to trade stock binary options - it is very simple

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Check one simple and profitable way to trade stock option

Profitable stock options trading doesn’t need technical indicators or much knowledge. Just check the economic calendar and reports, and you’ll trade with stable profit.

All that is necessary for profitable stock options trading is information. However, in this age of information technology, information is not a problem. Today, everyone has the Internet. Here, I can find all the information I need. I use the sites of large technological giants with press releases of new products and special sites where I can see companies’ financial statements of and predictions on the results of their economic activity, as well as many other sources of information.I use sites like Yahoo Finance, Financial Times, etc.

For example,let’s take the most famous and largest company, Apple (symbol on the chart APPL), and let’s take one of the latest press releases and check the information on the presentation of a new product, the iWatch. This new product can only lead to the growth of the stock, according to the popularity and quality of Apple gadgets.

Looking at the chart, you can see that any presentation of new gadgets makes Apple stock rise:

After receiving the information from public sources, I think there is no problem applying it to an analysis to determine the direction of the company quotation. For me, everything is simple, including logic, and everything will fall into place.

Another nice example involves Russia.Due to various geopolitical reasons,Russia has been under economic sanctions for a long time. At the result, its stock market has fallen and hit bottom. However, Russia continues to produce products, to extract resources and to develop new technologies. Given the fact that all risks have been put in quotes, what do you think will happen to the market? That's right.It will begin to grow. We can use that. With the increase in prices of commodities, the stocks of companies that produce these products will rise too:

• Gazprom and Lukoil are leaders of oil production in Russia.
• After a long decline, the price of oil is recovering or is trading in a price channel.
• As the experts say, the oil prices will rise to 70 dollars per barrel.
• The long-term use of the sanctions no longer affects the companies’ results.
• According to experts, shares will continue to grow.

Based on this information, it is possible to come to a very simple conclusion: The companies' stocks will grow in the near future.

The expiry time will depend on the selected asset and the economic outlook on that asset. The minimum term of expiry that I use for stock options is one week.

What economic news is used to trade stock options:

• Financial reports (monthly, quarterly, annually),
• Company press releases,
• Information on mergers and acquisitions,
• Information on the intentions of expanding markets,
• Data on the economic sector of the company.

It is almost an exhaustive list of factors influencing the news on the stock thatI use for analysis.

How much do I earn trading stock options?

During the trading month, I buy up to 20 options that have different expiration times, ranging from one to six months. According to the results, over the last month, I had 18 profitable options or 90%. On average, I increase my deposit by 50% per month. In my opinion, it is gorgeous.

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