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Intel Forecast June 04 2014

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Intel Chart Jun 03 2014
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Intel continues to rally hard, some resistance ahead might give it a pause

Today the Intel Corporation has unveiled its latest addition to the mobile processing market, claiming that it is the most energy efficient Intel Core processor ever released. While the company has already proven that it is ming in desktop and laptop computing, it still has a long way to get to the mobile segment of the market. Well, that could soon change...

The success of the newest generation of mobile Intel processors will depend on whether or not the form will deliver a truly striking performance in a low energy consumption package. The new processor is called Core M and will be based on the 14nm Broadwell architecture.

The binary options on the company's stock have risen substantially today to close just around $27.66. In our view this is likely to garner further speed in the coming day, and probably tomorrow we will test the top of the channel on the chart where we see a very important level at $27.80-85. This is where we buy puts.

After binary options on Intel's stock have been trending higher for quite a while now, we are of the definitive opinion that a correction must be in the works in the coming sessions. So any chance you see of the price touching the higher side of our channel - we will take it as a daily put options buying opportunity.

Alternatively, if we see a break above $28.00, it could turn into another round up to test $30.00. Intel has some great products in the works and in the long run this should be a good stock. If we see a drop towards $27.30 we should consider to buy daily calls and make a bet on a continuing rise in the price of Intel.

One of the first devices to use the new Core M processor is the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi. The hybrid computer has a detachable keyboard and runs on the latest operating system by Microsoft - Windows 8.1. According to the company's specifications the Core M processor will be 60% lower power consumption and 20 to 40% better performance.

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