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Interactive ebook to learn binary options

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New way to educate yourself

Interactive broker provides totally for free an excellent solution to learn options trading. This is more than convenient.

You will you use only your monitor and computer mouse to navigate through the ebook.

The eBook learning method is very popular because it's very easy to obtain specific information on a very comfortable way, you can access it from your computer or mobile device.

How to use the interactive ebook

When you visit the interactive broker you need to choose the section 'guide' from the top menu, after that you can find a section 'education center' on the left side of the screen. And you are very close to opening the ebook.

It's available in this section and it's delivered to you via Flash (so you need to have installed flash plugin in your browser). When you load the page will see the interface.

First you are required to read the terms and conditions of use, if you are OK with them just follow the steps (it's not required to open account).

After having loaded the full version you will see all pages in a friendly navigation and the book itself. You can browse it on the same way as any other paper book but the difference here is the interactivity. There are over 20 pages.

What can you learn

The basics, psychology of trading, trends in binary options, strategies, useful information and much more. Everything is described with beautiful icons to give you better presentation.

This ebook is very useful by many reasons. The very first is that it's really free and you can access it without opening an account. The next one is the structure and the way of delivering of information.

The most important is the value of this guide, it's really recommended to check it and take a deep look at it.