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iPhone binary options app with the best trading interface

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3.6/5 of 6 ratings

The best binary trading with iPhone

There are great news for every trader that is tired of ugly graphics and old school interface. The solution makes trading enjoyable instead of frustrating.

Advanced, super modern, using the latest trends, user friendly and offering the most popular options available on the binary market, sounds great right?

On the top of that, it is completely free and available in one small app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Trading with your iPhone has never been so easy and interesting. This application brings the new age of mobile trading to the palm of your hand.

Best binary trading application for iPhone 5

If you already have an iPhone with iOS 5 or above, this application is exactly for you! You can operate with all the smart tools available to you on the app very easily.

Apple Store gives you the opportunity to see detailed images showing you step by step how to use the features, open an account, and use the trading platform.

The modern presentation of every feature gives a new point of view on the binary trading market. We can say confidently that this app is a revolutionary tool on the mobile market. It leads innovation and is a stepping stone for all future trends in the industry.

The application includes:

  1. 60 second options
  2. Live and dynamic charts
  3. Intuitive touch screen control
  4. Unique help center
  5. Open and close trades with instant execution
  6. Welcome bonus in thousands

The size of the app is about 10MB. It is really small and can be downloaded very fast, especially if your device is connected to wi fi.

The average payout that you can achieve by using it is 85%.

To be honest, we can write a book about this app and how great it is. We recommend you to see it yourself and realize what we are talking about. Visit the broker’s site, get the bonus by opening an account and then download the app for free. The decision is yours when you want to do it.