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Profit Line tool

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Trading graph system

This is a very well designed graph tool which allows traders to speculate on the price of USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, Down Jones, Nasdaq, AIG, Apple, Gold, Copper and many more assets.

Traders can test this tool by opening a demo account which only requires min deposit of $200.

As you may know binary or digital options can be bought in both directions: UP/Down. Investors are allowed to go long or short particularly on any financial product such as currency pair or index. The Profit line tool shows on a graph how your finances perform until the option expiry.

Finance management

You need to manage your investments smart in order to finish the trading day with a positive balance. The min investment is $/€ 25 so you will need at least $/€ 500 to complete a full trading session. You have to take in consideration the potential losses and to focus on the final result which is: positive profit line.

You need to calculate the percentage of return Above and Below on your investment. The tool allows you to set up percentage of return in advance which in my opinion is a big advantage. Thus you control the risk of your losses.

The tool shows the Total Investment and Current Return on the purchased option during the expiry. Even before the actual expiry time you can continue investing on the same option with no matter of the direction - UP or Down.

Graph Chart

The graph represents a chart system where the horizontal line is showing the time in 10 minutes frames and the vertical line shows the price performance. So with a little knowledge of mathematics we can easily figure out that the blinking point is the asset’s current price.

In this math problem we need to find out where the blinking point on the vertical line will be at the expiry time frame. It is important to notice that the horizontal line changes in one direction as the time moves forward but the vertical line moves constantly in two directions: Up and Down.

Tool map

Yellow line – the current price of the asset
Yellow dashed line – the price at the time of purchase
Blue area – when the yellow line is in the blue area means you are in-the-money and the Current Return will show your max profit.
Grey area – if the yellow line is in the grey area the Current Return will show your min profit on the contract.

You will need time to get used with this graph tool so I would advise to start trading on a demo account. Try to keep yourself in the blue area and once you become confident switch to a real account.