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Recommended Android binary trading app at Google Play

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4.2/5 of 5 ratings

Powerful Android app for mobile trading that you should try

The application is provided absolutely for free by one of the leading brokers in the world. This means that trading via this app is something more than normal.

It's a download mobile app that requires 2.1 and up version of Android, and the size is about 7 MB.

Android mobile devices are one of the most popular and with every new version they become much more attractive, user-friendly and easy to use. This binary application is developed to meet the latest requirements and standards which means that you will have a real professional access to a powerful platform.

App review

The average download rate is over 50,000 which makes the app one of the most popular – you will see why. Most of the ratings are positive and you can see it also in the Google app store.

Binary app features

The average payout is about 70% which looks very good, especially when you make fast trades. By using the option 'Call and Put' you can trade binary options on forex, indices, stocks, and commodities.

The main features are the graphics and information about the changes. This is very important in order to make decision when you are on the go'. On the other side simplicity is another key point that you will discover.

You should know that it's a multi-language app, so it's not only in English. There is also professional support team, unlimited free quotes for more than 200 markets and No commissions, no spreads, no hidden charges, no ads.

All this features plus the smooth interface and good combination of colors and buttons make this mobile binary platform one of the top 10 in the world, and you can try it absolutely for free.

How to get the application

The first thing is to visit the site and open an account – this step allows you to obtain a very nice bonus. The second step is to visit the PlayStore and download it.

Of course you can directly go to the Google platform and try the app but the extra money are always welcome.