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About Our Forex Signals
Tonisignals creates free forex signals to give all levels of forex traders support. Our forex signals are typically on the major and minor currency pairs, and incorporate a number of technical indicators and fundamental analysis. Tonisignals provides both short term and long term Forex Signals, targeting anywhere between a few pips to a higher range of pips.

Forex Signals are essentially trade ideas used by both beginner forex traders and professional traders alike, and contain a trade direction (buy/sell), a SL (stop loss) and TP (Target Price). Tonisignals free forex signals are created when our team spots a trading opportunity in the forex markets that meets our criteria.

Following our forex signals is easy, simply download the Tonisignals app or join our free telegram channel to be notified when our team identifies an opportunity. Our signals can be incorporated with your forex trading strategy, so if your strategy points to further gains simply extend your TP.

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EUR/CHF Signal - CHF SNB Bulletin - 22 Sep 2021

EURCHF has traded into a key support after forming a double bottom on the daily chart. Later today the SNB will release their quarterly bulletin which outlines their perspective on the Swiss economy. Technically the pair is at support, and the RSI has traded into overextended levels. We anticipate a bounce from here to the 1.0880 level.

USD/CHF Signal - USD Fed Rate Decision - 22 Sep 2021

USDCHF has traded into support prior to the US Fed Rate decision, which decides the rates in the USA. Technically the pair is at 61.8% fibo support and previous structure, and we anticipate a bounce from this level back into recent highs at the 0.9330 level. The RSI has given an overextended signal, and the bullish structure remains intact.

EUR/GBP Signal - EUR German Producer Price Index - 20 Sep 2021

EURGBP is in a bearish structure prior to the German Producer Price Index data which measures the average changes in prices in the German primary markets. Technically the pair has a bearish structure and is currently ranging. We are looking to trade the pair into range support at 0.85110.

USD/JPY Signal - USD Michigan Consumer Sentiment - 17 Sep 2021

USDJPY is cycling to the downside and has made a retracement back into resistance prior to the USD Michigan Consumer Sentiment data, which measures Michigan Consumers conviction in the American economy's health. Technically the pair is testing the broken support trendline as resistance, and we anticipate a lower high to be formed here, following the recent lower low.

NZD/USD Signal - NZD NZ Business PMI - 17 Sep 2021

NZDUSD is trending to the downside currently, having broken below the key support zone following disappointing NZD Business PMI data, which presents business conditions in New Zealand. The Business PMI is an important indicator of the overall economic condition. A result that values above 50 signals appreciates (or is bullish) for the NZD, whereas a result that values below 50 is seen as negative (or bearish). Technically the pair has broken key support, and we also anticipate USD strength to drive the exchange rate lower.

EUR/USD Signal - EUR Industrial Production - 15 Sep 2021

EURUSD is in a widening wedge pattern prior to the EUR Industrial Production data this evening, which measures the the volume of production of Industries such as factories and manufacturing. Technically the pair bounced from support two days ago, and we've seen daily candles form higher highs, despite closing down. The bearish widening wedge pattern is typically a bullish indication, and we are looking for a move back into the 1.1850 resistance.

USD/JPY Signal - USD Redbook Index - 14 Sep 2021

USDJPY is trending to the upside currently prior to the USD Redbook index, which is a sales weighted year over year store growth, measured from over 9000 stored. Technically the pair is bullish on the daily chart, and the 1h chart shows a retracement into support. Our stop is below yesterdays low, and we are targeting the previous 1H highs.

EUR/JPY Signal - EUR EcoFin Meeting - 10 Sep 2021

EURJPY has traded into resistance prior to the EUR Ecofin meeting, which covers areas such as coordinated economic measures, budgetary policies, public finances, capital movements and financial markets. Technically the pair has pulled into the 50% retracement of yesterdays candle and the moving averages have entered a bearish cross. We anticipate continued downside.

USD/JPY Signal - USD Producer Price Index - 10 Sep 2021

USDJPY is bouncing from support today prior to the USD Producer Price Index, which measures the average changes in prices in primary markets of the US by producers of commodities in all states of processing. Changes in the PPI are widely followed as an indicator of commodity inflation. Technically the pair has bounced from the 3 day low, and the RSI has given a buy signal.

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