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Free Forex Signals - Win rate

How it works ToniSignals App

1. Download the app
2. Go to "Signals" tab
3. Trade the signal at your broker

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Forex Signals Profit/Loss

  • Dec 2019 - 170 pips loss
  • Nov 2019 + 420 pips profit
  • Oct 2019 + 1020 pips profit
  • Sep 2019 + 560 pips profit
  • Aug 2019 - 70 pips loss
  • Jul 2019 + 140 pips profit
  • Jun 2019 + 390 pips profit
  • May 2019 + 240 pips profit
  • Apr 2019 + 920 pips profit
  • Mar 2019 + 360 pips profit
  • Feb 2019 + 680 pips profit
  • Jan 2019 + 210 pips profit

Total Profit + 4700 pips
Total Signals + 231

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fxZero's picture

Hey Toni, great AUDUSD signal with 50 pips profit! I like how you read the market and send the signals before the trading session, it is good to have time for my own analysis. I also like the risk reward which is usually 1:2 or greater, it makes sense for a daily trader and it is good for my risk management. I have learned a lot with your signals. Keep it real mate!

Toni H.'s picture

Thanks mate!

Toni H.
gilga01's picture

I have a question about when to enter a trade. I have seen that there are some signals that you said that were ITM but the price didn´t touch the enter rate after you published the signal but was close 6-10 pips. So I want to ask if you don´t have to wait that the price touch the entry signal but when it´s near. I ask because I didn´t enter some winning trades just for a few pips.

Toni H.'s picture

When the Entry level is not triggered the Signal is marked as Void.

Toni H.