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Smartphone market rivalry and the biggest competitors

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Apple vs Samsung

The fierce competition for a larger share of the profitable smartphone market continues between companies. The top rivals in the smartphone sphere remain Apple and Samsung and the rivalry is not expected to end any time soon, as the sales of smartphones have been on the rise for almost 10 years now.

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Have Apple stocks reached the bottom?

Although Apple stocks dropped heavily from a peak of 700 USD, fans of the company say the stock could easily climb some 10 percent in the next few months to reach the level of 500 USD. Among the reasons for such claims is Apple’s record-breaking stock buyback program. Some traders voice a belief that Apple stocks have already reached their bottom level and expect an upward trend in the months to follow.

However, on Wednesday the stocks of Apple declined by some 0.3 percent in pre-market trading.

Samsung is catching up fast

Apple’s current biggest rival on the smartphone market – Samsung, declined by 1.2 percent on June 5. Lawsuits between Samsung and Apple also continue but analysts say Samsung has been turning into a serious innovator and could reach Apple in the near future. In Asia, Samsung has better prospects than Apple for growth on the smartphone market, traders claim.

HTC replaces chief operating officer amid slumping sales

The Chief Operating Officer of HTC Corp. was replaced after the Taiwanese company continued to report slumping sales. In recent years the company used to be in the top 3 chart on the smartphone market but now the situation is different. Net income of HTC actually dropped by 98 percent during the past quarter, which is the lowest result recorded by the company. Still, after the news about Costello stepping down emerged, HTC stocks continued to decline and lost some 0.9 percent more. The overall decline for 2013 has been over 5 percent so far.

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