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We trade binary strategies and forex strategies that work and share our experience freely. In our view, the combination of knowledge on the markets and technical skills could lead to some great results. To be relevant to all different trading platforms, we are constantly working on new set ups and adding some custom indicators on the charts.

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High Low options strategy - rebound from the Bollinger bands


A simple strategy for trading High/Low binary options using the Bollinger Bands. It not only gives the trading signals, but also indicates how much time the market is in a particular position. Also, the strategy can be applied so that the trader will know that market conditions could change soon.

EUR/USD Trading Strategy for the week 27-31 Jan 2014

EUR/USD Chart 27 Jan 2014
The Euro managed to rally sharply last week, the sustainability of the move depends on important data releases this week. We can't answer the question above for sure, due mainly to the fact that certain factors remain unknown, however what we do know, and what we certainly believe is that market volatility is here to stay.

AUD/USD Trading Strategy for the week 20 - 24 Jan 2014

AUD/USD Chart 20 Jan 2014
The Australian dollar is consolidating its losses and it is likely to drop further soon. When exactly its up to the market, but we have some trading ideas already. In our opinion this is just what might happen to the Aussie as we are entering a new phase in its downward trend after the summer lows have been breached.

AUD/USD Trading Strategy for the week 06-10 Jan 2014

AUD/USD Chart 06 Jan 2014
The Australian dollar is on the downside today with Friday's gains being put into question following HSBC's Chinese services PMI data that came out this morning at 50.9 - barely in expansionary territory. We are waiting for a break lower to buy puts for now. AUD is laying the ground for the next big move.

GBP/USD trading strategy for the week 16 - 20 Dec 2013

GBP/USD Chart 16 Dec 2013
The Sterling is likely to remain buoyed so we will keep an eye on data tomorrow to make some nice trades. In light of recent positive news out of the UK and the potential for a disappointment for the US dollar bulls from the Federal Reserve's meeting on Wednesday we are mildly positive on this pair.
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