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Things that you can do when the market is closed

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Suggestions on how to use your free time

Optimize your free time and get the best from it when you expect the next market opening for online trading. That's the time when you are being able to prepare yourself.

The top 10 suggestions that you can do during the weekend

First of all, it’s recommended to go to sleep. It's a good idea to recover your strength with a good rest for at least 12 hours. That's the time that you do not need to think about binary options.

When you will be done resting, you can start to work on the following:

- Analyze your previous week and what really happened
- See what is the final result in your wallet after all trades
- Find which of your trades were successful and which not
- See which way is more profitable for you – to trade online or mobile

The next step that you can do is to prepare yourself for the next upcoming trading week:

- Decide how much money you will use to trade
- Which assets are HOT at the moment
- Build a small strategy for every day of the week
- See what has happened on the financial news because it's possible to see something that will affect the market very seriously
- Go out for a walk and don't think until the end of the day about binary trading

Get again a good sleep. Wake up early in the morning on Monday, place your trades and be confident that you have done everything to prepare for your new challenges on the binary market.

It is a key moment for success, in binary trading, to be creative and well rested. Sometimes if you are very tired you can make wrong decision. You should consider the tips that we have provided to you very seriously.

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