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Today's Hottest Forex Chart - 10 Nov 2021

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1D Chart
Price has made a break and retest pattern of structure, and has broken below the previous days low. We're looking for the downside momentum to continue down into the structure level at 0.762960.

1H Chart
Price has formed a trading range, and we're looking for support to break to confirm out downside bias. Once this level breaks we will confirm the bearish trend is ongoing.


1H Chart
Price has showed signs of rejection at range resistance, and we're now looking for downside to continue into the range support. On the 1H Chart there is a clear bearish cycle in play.


1H Chart
Price gave the pullback that we outlined yesterday and is now pressing to the downside. We are looking for downside to continue into the 1.3411 level.


1D Chart
Price is pressing into the support trendline, however has not broken this yet. Price is still capped to the upside by the resistance trendline, and the RSI is trading at bearish levels. We're looking for the support trendline to break, and a sustained moved to the downside.

1H Chart
Price is holding in a trading range, between resistance around the 0.91600 level and support around the 0.9100 level. We continue to hold a downside bias.


1D Chart
Price is currently testing the upside of the resistance channel, which has been forming since July 2020. We're watching to see if this is a prolonged move, or a fake out.

1H Chart
Price is right at the resistance trendline now, and we're watching with great anticipation. Our bias is for a continued move to the upside, and above 1850!

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