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Top 3 Android binary trading apps for 2013

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See which the best Android apps for this year are

2013 was a very productive year in the development of Android apps for binary trading. Many brokers have invested huge amounts of resources in order to deliver the best apps for trading.

The brokers which we have selected have been carefully reviewed by our professional and dedicated team members.

All of the apps features were tested and rated in an internal report, based on which we have made our determinations in this article.



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Up to 250 K

Stunning trading interface, all the information you need in one screen presented with small icons, graphs, helpful information

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Special $20,000

Clean design, quick navigation, fast working app, small size, most popular binary types, plenty of assets, easy to understand...

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Banc de Binary

100% match up bonus

Leader in the classic trading platforms, everything that you need in order to succeed, live and dynamic charts, small size...

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The interesting part here is that you can download and use all of them at the same time on your Android mobile device. This way you will have the best of the best Android binary brokers always in your pocket.

People like new, improved and better quality things to come into their lives. When it's all about trading, the choice is very serious because your future profits are related to the platform that you pick. It is something that you need to take very seriously before choosing a broker and starting to use its platform.

In case that you are not sure how to proceed in this situation and you don't want to download all of the apps (they are available at the GooglePlay app store), instead you can choose the demo account option. It gives you the opportunity to test them and see which one meets your criteria.

Always make a decision which is based on actual facts and the solutions that are offered to you.