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Which season is better for binary options?

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This is a very good question because it's extremely important!

There are two ways to determine which season is the best for trading. The first will be the situation of the market while the second will be the time which you have available for trading.

How to understand which season is the best for you to trade with binaries?

1. The market

When you are focused mostly on the market, the season is open during the whole year and in any moment you can find a good opportunity.

In order to recognize a good opportunity you should use various sources of financial information, including and not limited to news, graphs, alerts, press conferences, new products announcements, region political situation, etc.

You need to be very detailed oriented and recognize the opportunities that pop throughout a trading year.

2. Available time

Many traders use this following method: they trade from September to April while during the rest of the year they just read books and learn about the new trends and changes. It's good strategy because it allows you to take a wider look of what is really going on around you.

As you may know, the best solution is the one that has flexibility. If you find a way to unite these two methods, it will be very interesting for you and you can build more flexible point of view on the global market in general.

Of course, there are other things that you should keep in mind which have a significant weight in your trading decisions. Every season there are new promotions, bonuses and new features on the market. Follow them and see what really suites your needs.

This point of view is mostly for new traders getting into binary options. If you are with high level of financial education, you should know that the market is very dynamic and that it is very difficult to say which is the best season.

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