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Why binary options are not a form of gambling?

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The binary brokers are not online casinos

The essence of gambling is that you bet on something and expect to win. Gambling is based on 100% chance and luck.

You should not think of binary trading as it is a gambling platform.

It is very important to keep this in mind because when you start to think like a gambler your situation is going to change dramatically and you do not want that.

As we know, the most popular types of gambling are poker, casino games, sports betting and many other games based only or mostly on luck. The idea and principles of this kind of entertainment are very different from the binary options.

It is true that when you trade with binaries you place your investment which some can say is very similar to betting but we think that in the end of the day it is not just a fortune platform. There are many things such as education, alerts, markets situation and graphs which are key factors to your trades.

The truth is that many betting operators have on their platforms options to bet on the market but that's only because it's popular and you should know that this is not the well-known forex trading, stock exchange or something in trading areas.

The principles of the changes of assets indexes are based on the real market and not on cards, slots, gaming software or lucky number. This is the big difference!

When you understand that binary options are type of trading you will stop to trade like a gambler. When you realize that you will change your point of view 180 degrees.

If you think about binary trading as gambling, you are placing trades exactly like bets, based on the how you understand the market without any research.

In gambling the results are not based on economic changes.

On the Internet we see that many people treat it as a way of gambling.

The only thing that we can say that looks like gambling is the payouts because they look like odds.

It is a very interesting topic for comments and opinions. Please share your point of view with us and tell us what you think?

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