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Zen And The Art Of Binary Options Trading

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Focus On How You Trade

There is an art and a science to binary option trading that can be elevated to a Zen level. Focus on the mechanics, perfect them and profits will follow.

Trade Well And Profits Will Follow

I know it is cliché to use a title like this but it is true; there is a Zen like quality to binary options trading. This is because there is at one time a craft and an art to trading. What I have found, through many years of trial and error, is that the perfection sought by one leads to the display of talent exhibited by the other.

First lets think about what an art is. By definition it is the display of human talent through a variety of media, for enjoyment or utilitarian purposes. By this definition the products of master craftsmen and tradesmen can be elevated to that of an art form. The perfection of a master's work often transcends the purpose for which is work is put to.

If you doubt this you only have to think of any tool or activity that has ever been put on display for visual enjoyment. One I can easily think of is a samurai sword. Others include pottery, textiles and wood craft.

The Mechanics Of Binary Options Trading

Mechanics, that is what trading is all about. It doesn't matter what type of trading you are talking about it always comes down to the mechanics, just like everything else in life. What I am talking about is the steps you take in order to trade. Not just the steps that you yourself are making, but the steps that the most successful traders make.

Learning these steps and how to incorporate them into your trading is the key to mastering it. Notice I said mastering it, your trading, and not mastering the market. I said it this way because you can not master the market, but you can master yourself which means mastering your trading. There is more to it than just knowing how to buy a call if you're bullish and how to buy a put if you're bearish.

Mechanics start with preparation and education. They incorporate risk management, money management and position sizing. They control te when, what, why and how often you trade through strategy and well defined signals that in the end, can be a little stifling for the average person. I have to admit it was hard for me to come to terms with following the rules and mastering the mechanics but in the end there is a reward.

Master Mechanics And Gain Peace Of Mind

When you are floundering around, trading this asset and that asset, using random indicators, trading questionable signals and wallowing in risk you are not free. You are a slave to the moment and trapped in the decision of what now? How much? Should I do it? What if I lose? What if if I don't and it wins? You know, emotions.

Mastering the mechanics of trading will give you freedom, and I don't mean money although that will come too.

Trading is about greed and fear, mastering the mechanics can elevate you above those emotions and help give you clarity to see the market, be in tune with it and elevate your trading to an artistic level...and along the way you'll notice a significant increase in your profits, just saying.

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