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3D printing and the future of industry

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3D printing may change the future of manufacturing

A 3D printer is a machine that meticulously places layer after layer until translating a digital image into a complete object. The range of materials used can vary and even includes metals and there are virtually no obstacles to the complexity of the shape.

The number of companies that are trying to take a share of the 3D printing market is rising and companies that create 3D printers are fiercely competing and investing in the further development of the promising technology.

New revolution in industry?

A number of experts claim that 3D printers are what would completely change the ways of production within the next 20 years. The CEO of the Asian Manufacturing Association has recently forecasted that the revenues of Chinese 3D printing companies could reach 1.6 billion USD in the next 3 years. He pointed out that the next task is integrating the technology in production which is achieved through industrial transformation.

3D printing is the technology that could provide an economic boost in the next two decades, economists say. 3D printing could become the next engine of US economy growth.

Current leaders in the sphere

There are just three publicly traded companies producing 3D printers today. There is no doubt that this number would grow in the future.

Stratasys is the current leader in producing 3D printers. The company is profitable and quickly growing. It expects 20% annual revenue growth.

3D Systems is a rival company that has been profitable since May 2011, when it was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

ExOne is the smallest publicly traded company in the field. It says it aims to triple its revenues within the next three years.

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