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EUR/USD Signal - Deutsche Bank Shares - 03 Oct 2016

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20:00 GMT
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Despite the fact that the whole fiasco connected with the Deutsche Bank shares drop was seen as bearish for the EUR/USD before the end of the week, after an upside reversal in almost the last moment in the price of the German lender's shares, the European currency rose from its week’s low (which was at the point of 1.1150) to its current price which is at the 1.1231 level right now.

Another aspect of the current situation that can be seen as bullish for the EUR/USD is that the German government would most likely help the bank to get back on its feet and consequently strengthen the euro.

Regarding the previous mentioned facts and hypothesis, we could conclude that the pair would keep exploring the 1.1220 – 1.1230 zone today. That means that it would be appropriate to buy daily calls at the target price of $1.1220 for a daily expiration at 20:00 GMT.

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