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Top forex traders to follow in 2019 - Social forex trading

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Forex Social Trading
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Top Forex Traders

Are you new to forex trading and feel totally lost? It might be good if you have someone to follow until you build your own trading plan. However, finding the right guy can also be tricky. There are many forex gurus on YouTube and Twitter, and you can lose yourself by following too many. We recommend choosing one person and sticking to him.

Our top 3 selections for forex traders for 2019 are very active on social media and teach forex trading on a daily basis. These guys have been online for many years and have proved they can provide value, not just some get quick rich schemes.

Top Brokers

-ASIC Riegulated
-MT4, MT5, Ctrader
-$200 Min. Deposit
-0.01 Trading

-ASIC, FCA & CIMA Regulated
-MT4 & 5
-$200 Min. deposit
-0.01 Micro lot trading

-ASIC Regulated
-$0 Minimum Deposit
-0.01 Micro lot trading
-$4.5 Round Trip Commission

Navin Prithyani (UrbanForex)

Navin Prithyani is an influential figure in forex trading who enjoys the life of a digital nomad traveling the world. This man, originally from Bangalore, India, looks like Ross Geller from Friends, and most of his time is spent in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Mr. Prithyani is the founder of the forex academy UrbanForex, which is dedicated to teaching traders price action.

The UrbanForex academy has several different courses, with “Mastering Price Action” the most popular among them. The 7-week course covers the foundations and the most-kept secrets in forex trading.

Navin also runs free webinars where he teaches people how to master candlestick patterns and trend lines and has many more videos, including the art of correlation. Traders can watch his educational webinars on YouTube and also join premium webinars on FXStreet.

Rayner Teo (RaynerTrading)

Rayner Teo is a swing and position forex trader who also runs a trading academy named after himself. Mr. Teo is based in Singapore, and he is very active on his YouTube channel, publishing new videos every week. He mostly focuses on price action, forex trading strategies and some technical indicators.

Traders can enjoy many free educational videos on his YouTube channel and some free books on his website. Mr. Teo also runs a blog, which focuses in helping traders understand the basics of price action and forex trading. You can follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

Rolf Schlotmann (TradeCiety)

Rolf Schlotmann is a forex trader from Frankfurt, Germany who has a Master’s in Business and Finance. His goal was to escape the corporate world by making money online and traveling the world with his gorgeous girlfriend. He loves to trade major forex pairs from his villa in South Kuta, Bali.

Mr. Schlotmann runs the academy, TradeCiety. Traders can find many forex articles on his blog and educational videos on his YouTube channel. He covers some major topics in trading, including supply and demand and how to draw trend lines. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, as well as catch his weekly podcast on iTunes.

Bottom Line

We can’t say if these men are really profitable in forex trading, but they definitely have some knowledge in price action. If you are new to forex, you can learn a lot simply by watching their videos on YouTube. It isn’t necessary to pay crazy money for subscriptions. Just watch videos and take some notes.

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