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GBP/USD Signal - Low US Inflation - 31 Oct 2016

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21:00 GMT
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The GBP/USD has been taking a cue from the other pairs against the U.S. dollar this morning as the British currency declined in the run-up to U.S. inflation data. However a different set of factors has been affecting the moves in the British currency in these past couple of hours.

At the forefront amongst the risk events for the GBP/USD pair we are seeing we see the prospective departure of Governor Marc Carney from the Bank of England. The stability of the currency can be impacted somewhat by the departure of the bank's leader if it is announced later this week. A report by the Financial Times has negated the likelihood for Carney to leave which initially boosted GBP/USD this morning in Asia.

After a subsequent test of 1.2150, the pair has stabilized during the past couple of hours. We are looking for a close above 1.2160 this evening as the pair continues growing higher after the announcement of the latest benign U.S. inflation data. We're buying calls at 1.2160 for the 21:00 GMT expiration today.

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