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How to put limits on your money and control it

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This is the alpha and omega in trading

Being able to have full control over your money is the first step that you need to take. Only after that comes the search for a broker, app, bonus or anything else.

How to organize your money

Today, there are plenty of banking methods and you can always open new bank account, get a new debit or credit card and so on.

The situation could be very confusing if you trade with several brokers make numerous deposits, withdrawals, get bonuses. You need to be able to follow what comes and goes from your account.

In order to have control you need to have good organized financial culture. This means that you need to organize everything very well. It is very important to know exactly how much you win on a monthly basis from binary trading.

When you have a separate bank account only for your binary investments, it’s very easy to deposit there for example 1000$ and know that this is the amount of money that you are using to trade. At the end of every month you can check what's the final calculation – more or less than 1000$.

This is possible with a new bank account and credit card which is very easy to obtain. To organize more your trading wallet, we would like to recommend an independent financial on-line wallet like PayPal but which is accepted by the brokers. There are many popular online wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Entropay and some others. Keep in mind that Skrill is available with 99% of the brokers.

This well organized financial structure allows you to put good limits on your money and never be out of money. If your trades are not so successful trade responsibly and know your limits. Always check for brokers with refund policies which can minimize your losses if such occur.

The financial control is good when you have good strategy which is build and developed by you for your investments.

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