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If people find precious metals on planet Mars how this will effect trading with commodities

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Do you think that binary trading will reach planet Mars?

The project behind this big challenge to all humanity is to reveal the mystery about this planet in our solar system. Now we hear that it's possible to find precious metals on Mars

What will happen with the market when NASA announces that there are tons of gold, platinum, silver and diamonds on Mars? Such an announcement could cause the market to collapse. Some experts’ opinion is that there is more involved about such finding and that important things related to how the precious metals will be delivered to Earth will be a major issue.

A couple of days ago we heard on the news that there is Internet on the Moon and it has good upload and download speed.

In your opinion, is it possible that astronauts could trade with binaries on the Moon?

In our opinion we think that it could be possible but they may not have enough time for that because of their daily tasks and duties. It's also difficult to use their mobile phones because the astronauts have very big gloves.

Taking this situation seriously is something that you might have in mind. We think that if there are new good sources of precious metals the whole industry will be changed. Some of the currently well-known markets will collapse and rebuild with different structures.

Maybe soon we will have currencies on the Moon and on Mars which will be paired for trading. Now this sounds funny but it might happen, who knows?!

At the moment silver is the metal used in most of the technologies on Earth. In many fields gold, platinum and diamonds are used to build advanced tools which make their products and development very expensive.

We are waiting to see what will happen in the years to come because the news now are very different from the news 5 years ago.

Do you think that Mars’ gold will be more expensive than the gold on Earth because the lack of shipping options and the current delivery issues?

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