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No Nonsense forex indicators - The biggest secret in forex

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No Nonsense Forex
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No Nonsense Forex Reviews

The forex community should finally relax and chill because the universe has sent Mr. Patrick to the planet earth. You should no longer worry or fear the big banks because Mr. Patrick from No Nonsense Forex is here to help you.

Who is Patrick from No Nonsense Forex

According to his website, Mr. Patrick is one of the most successful forex traders on the planet. The guy has blown away three accounts before eventually became a professional trader, and a big mutual fund hired him. In his YouTube videos, Mr. Patrick claims he really sucks in algebra, but somehow he is a genius in forex trading.

The middle age guy was working 10 hours a day in a factory in Michigan, and after work, he spent thousands of hours trading forex. Mr. No Nonsense claims he has tested over 10,000 trading indicators before he finally discovered the secret combination of 3 indicators that made him king of the markets.

Of course, there isn’t any real proof of that story on the website. It is just a bunch of words on a page.

I can imagine poor Patrick coming home after work, exhausted as a Tibetan mule, but the desire to destroy the big banks is so hard in him he just keeps testing indicators. He is so obsessed with finding the magic combination.

It reminds me of the story how Ayahuasca was discovered. With over 80,000 plant species in the Amazon, the shamans in Peru found the right combination of two plants so the DMT becomes orally active. How did they do it? The shamans smoked some weed, and the forest spirit just told them.

Unfortunately, poor Patrick had to do it the hard way.

No Nonsense Forex Algorithm

The universe has sent Mr. Patrick to the planet Earth to help the poor traders fighting the big banks. His algorithm is so powerful and unique, nobody else on this planet knows it. There are rumours it is a combination of three indicators, and one of them is ATR.

The investment banks are so scared of Mr. Patrick. If he reveals the secret algorithm, the whole system will collapse. All retail traders will become millionaires, and the bank executives will have to harvest oranges to survive. It will be a huge disaster, so please Mr. Patrick, don’t do it!

In his “Best forex strategy” video, this genius claims that the banks just wait to see where traders will put their money (Long or Short) and move the prices in the opposite direction. Thus, the big banks wipe off retail accounts.

I just have one problem with that. The majority of retail traders use forex brokers, which are market makers and do not provide access to interbank liquidity. The brokers create an artificial market and work the same way as a casino. When you lose, they win.

How Mr. Patrick makes money

I have to admit Mr. Patrick, or whatever his real name is, is a good marketer and the number of his followers proves it. He will never reveal his secret algorithm, but he is more than happy to collect your e-mails and send you ‘cool stuff’. I don’t know what ‘cool stuff’ means, but my best guess is ‘his affiliate link to a forex broker’.

Mr. No Nonsense is also running a podcast talking crap about forex indicators. So, he is obviously making money with advertising in addition to selling leads to brokers.

Unfortunately, Mr. Patrick’s content is actually full of nonsense, and his popularity is more proof why 90% of retail traders have no clue how the forex market works.

My only question is this: ‘Why does Mr. Patrick always delete negative comments below his YouTube videos?’

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