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NZD/USD Signal - Risk Appetite on Trump - 23 Jan 2017

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21:00 GMT
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The currency markets woke up to the new U.S. President Donald Trump who was sworn in on Friday. Following his first inaugural speech, the markets moved into a risk aversion mode with the U.S. dollar seen trading weaker since the open. The reasoning behind the weaker U.S. dollar was attributed to the protectionist speech given by Trump on Wednesday and the prospects of imposing trade tariffs against some imports from China. The economic calendar is light today thus putting more focus on the politics for the moment.

NZDUSD has been posting steady gains over the last week with price rallying back to the 0.7210 highs earlier today. However, there are ample signs of the upside momentum losing steam which indicates that NZDUSD could be sliding back lower in the near term. Expect the declines in NZDUSD to push the Kiwi lower towards 0.7178 at the very least. Therefore, purchase PUT options with 21:00 GMT expiry time at 0.7200.

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