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Free Forex Signals

We publish free forex signals once we see a good trading opportunity. The signals are updated in real time by our team of traders. The fundamental factors and the technical levels are always at the forefront, and this is why it is key to have both sides of the picture. To get the most out of forex trading, one has to be flexible in his approach and look constantly for new opportunities to correctly predict the market. You can download our free app for instant notifications.

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EUR/USD Signal - US ADP Employment Change - 02 Oct 2019

EURUSD is trading near 1.0930 level with rising odds of an October Fed rate cut. The common currency may get some bids if the US ADP prints below estimates. The markets see a 64% chance of the Fed reducing rates by 25 basis points this month and the percentage may increase if we see disappointing jobs data.

EUR/USD Signal - Eurozone Inflation data - 01 Oct 2019

EURUSD is trading lower at 1.0890, yesterday the pair registered the biggest quarterly drop since 2018. The German recession fears and the dovish ECB may push the euro further down. Today's focus will be on the Eurozone inflation data, the CPI report is expected to confirm 1% rise in the cost of living.

EUR/USD Signal - Non-Monetary Policy ECB meeting - 25 Sep 2019

EURUSD is trading close to 1.1000 level ahead of the Non-monetary policy ECB meeting. The pair might suffer deeper losses if we hear more dovish comments from ECB officials. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi plans for a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump which might hurt the U.S. dollar.

GBP/USD Signal - Political uncertainty grows - 25 Sep 2019

GBPUSD is trading lower amid growing political uncertainty in the UK. PM Johnson is facing calls to step down. With no breakthrough in recent Brexit talks, the British pound might suffer further drops in today's trading session. Forex traders will also follow Fed's Brainard speech which is scheduled for 14:00 GMT later on.

GBP/USD Signal - Johnson-Juncker meeting - 16 Sep 2019

GBPUSD drops to 1.2440 from recent 1.2500 highs. Forex traders will follow closely the meeting between the UK PM Johnson and the EC President Juncker. The markets expect to see some progress over the UK-EU deal. Meanwhile, the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East will also have an impact on the British pound.

GBP/USD Signal - BoE's Governor Carney speech - 04 Sep 2019

It will be another tumultuous day for the British pound with MPs will now debate the bill. Mark Carney will also speak later on today, the Bank of England Governor will likely repeat that everything depends on Brexit. Meanwhile, fears of a US recession are rising which puts the US dollar under pressure.
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