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We publish forex signals once we see a good trading opportunity. The signals are free and updated in real time by our team of traders. The fundamental factors and the technical levels are always at the forefront, and this is why it is key to have both sides of the picture. To get the most out of forex trading, one has to be flexible in his approach and look constantly for new opportunities to correctly predict the market. You can download our free app for instant notifications.

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EUR/JPY Forecast 11 Jun 2013

EUR/JPY Chart 11/06/2013
As price action kicks off this early European Tuesday morning we will turn the attention of binary options traders to one of our favourites – the EUR/JPY pair. As we drew closer to the Japanese market opening we saw yet another spike higher to levels around 131.30 – almost testing highs set on the 19th-20th of May.

AUD/USD Forecast 10 Jun 2013

AUD/USD Chart 10/06/2013
Chinese Data Reports Over The Weekend Put Pressure On The Australian Dollar. The early Sydney morning saw binary options traders wake up to a new figure being taken out in the AUD/USD pair. The US dollar extended its recovery pretty much across the board in Asia on Monday.

EUR/USD Forecast 04 Jun 2013

EURUSD Chart 04/06/2013
Binary options traders in the EUR/USD pair had the perfect opportunity to trade the news today, but let’s summarize first what happened to the price action. The pair opened the U.S session around $1.2995 and after better than expected PMI numbers out of Europe it was going steady all morning long.

GBP/USD Forecast 31 May 2013

GBP/USD Chart 31/05/2013
In our daily forecast during the last trading day of the week we will tempt our fellow binary options traders to take a look at the opportunities the GBP/USD pair is providing. The Pound Sterling closed in NY at $1.5233 after rate had followed euro-dollar's short covering recovery. The rate moved up from around $1.5111 to a high of $1.5238 before easing into the close.

USD/JPY Forecast 31 May 2013

Our daily forecast today will present binary options traders with a view on the moves in USD/JPY in the next hours. Key drivers behind the moves today were mainly news out of the US following another turbulent Nikkei session which gave perspective that 5% moves in that index are something quite normal.

EUR/JPY Forecast 29 May 2013

EUR/JPY chart 29/05/2013
Fresh loath of data released on Wednesday confirmed that the ECB is rightfully worried about lending to small and medium sized businesses. In today’s analysis we are focusing the attention of binary options investors to the kinky pair of EUR/JPY. You might question the usage of the word “kinky”, but it is exactly how we feel about it these days.

EUR/USD Forecast 27 May 2013

EUR/USD Chart 27/05/2013
The major EUR/USD pair did close on Friday at $1.2930, with the rate getting a boost from lows around $1.2910 after earlier rallying as high as of $1.2993. To the attention of binary traders today’s trading so far has been and is likely to remain subdued due to holidays in the UK (Spring Bank Holiday) and in the US (Memorial Day).

GBP/USD Forecast 24 May 2013

GBP/USD Chart 24/05/2013
Our last forecast for binary trading for this week will dive into the GBP/USD pair – as we are drawing closer to the appointment of Mark Carney as head of the Bank Of England, the pound sterling is likely to be burdened – policymakers are likely to be willing to keep exports of the UK economy competitive by keeping the currency lower.

EUR/USD Forecast 22 May 2013

EUR/USD Chart 22/05/2013
What a session it has been for binary options traders this Wednesday. As usual chairman Bernanke delivered a huge load of volatility with his comments. Stops have been breached in all directions in most of the pairs, but we will turn our attention to the EUR/USD again because as we all know very well it’s our bread and butter in currency markets.

EUR/USD Forecast 22 Apr 2013

EUR/USD Forecast 22 Apr 2013
We are embarking on another week with a brief analysis of current rate movements in the EUR/USD pair. The Euro-dollar closed in NY Friday at $1.3052, after easing off a session high of $1.3130, with the rate being marked higher into early Wellington on Monday trade on the back of expected EUR/JPY demand.

AUD/USD Forecast 17 Apr 2013

AUD/USD Forecast 17 Apr 2013
In today’s daily analysis we will focus on the currency pair which is being traded as the free market proxy for Chinese growth. You guessed it right – it’s the AUD/USD. As a major trading partner with a free floating currency, the Australian dollar is taking clues from Chinese growth for active trading.

EUR/USD Forecast 16 Apr 2013

EUR/USD Forecast 16 Apr 2013
While the attention of binary options traders was caught in precious metals, prices in the EUR/USD did move in a range of about 90 pips on Monday. That’s not a whole lot for the first trading day of the week, and the move was quite hard to predict for investors with no major news save for the tragic alleged terrorist plot at the Boston Marathon.
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