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We trade forex strategies that work and share our experience freely. In our view, the combination of knowledge on the markets and technical skills could lead to some great results. To be relevant to all different trading platforms, we are constantly working on new set ups and adding some custom indicators on the charts.

Golden Cross binary options trading strategy - How to profit


Golden Cross binary options strategy is a strong enough and at the same time, an effective trading tool. This is a recommended to use strategy for financial markets. One of its main advantages is the clarity of signals and their non-triviality. Thus traders can benefit from buying the option immediately when they see a signal.

High Low options strategy - rebound from the Bollinger bands


A simple strategy for trading High/Low binary options using the Bollinger Bands. It not only gives the trading signals, but also indicates how much time the market is in a particular position. Also, the strategy can be applied so that the trader will know that market conditions could change soon.

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