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GBP/USD Forecast 13 Jun 2013

GBP/USD Chart 13/06/2013
Sterling remains bid, but for how long can it sustain it? This Wednesday the U.S. dollar dropped rather broadly across the board – more so against the Japanese yen, less so against its European counterparties, as currency investors reevaluated their recent expectations that the US Federal Reserve could start reducing its stimulus efforts sometime this summer.

GBP/USD Forecast 31 May 2013

GBP/USD Chart 31/05/2013
In our daily forecast during the last trading day of the week we will tempt our fellow binary options traders to take a look at the opportunities the GBP/USD pair is providing. The Pound Sterling closed in NY at $1.5233 after rate had followed euro-dollar's short covering recovery. The rate moved up from around $1.5111 to a high of $1.5238 before easing into the close.

GBP/USD Forecast 24 May 2013

GBP/USD Chart 24/05/2013
Our last forecast for binary trading for this week will dive into the GBP/USD pair – as we are drawing closer to the appointment of Mark Carney as head of the Bank Of England, the pound sterling is likely to be burdened – policymakers are likely to be willing to keep exports of the UK economy competitive by keeping the currency lower.
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