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UK PM Johnson Could Start to Lift Lockdown Laws if Covid Figures Continue to Decrease for The UK

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Vaccine Rates Could Mean Lockdown is Slowly Lifted

With more UK residents getting vaccinated, restrictions could slowly begin to ease as Covid figures decrease.

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Here's How The UK Lockdown Will Slowly be Eased

Some positive news for the GBP is the announcement of UK PM Boris Johnson’s plan to slowly start lifting lockdown restrictions. PM Johnson has been working on a “road map” alongside ministers before he unveils his plans to MP’s and announces to the public.

It has been said that PM Johnson is analysing the situation by looking at the data rather than focusing on “dates”. Latest data figures, effectiveness of the vaccine and up-to-date figures on cases, deaths and people being admitted to the hospital are all being analysed.

This means the ending of the current lockdown is going to be a slow process rather than an instant lift of all restrictions. The four stage reopening plan has several weeks between each stage. Stage 1 is split in two phases and begins in March with schools reopening and easing of small social gatherings. The following stages will continue to roll out in the following months, depending on the figures of the virus for the UK.

With the easing of restrictions looming, the GBP/USD is seesawing above 1.4000.

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