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What are welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses

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What bonus is good for us

I checked different bonuses from many binary options brokers and found the difference between them. So check the description of the difference between a welcome bonus and no deposit bonus.

So far we know three types of bonuses

Binary options brokers earn when their clients trade. This means that any broker is interested in increasing the registrations and activity of its traders. Therefore, in addition to the demo accounts, free education, and signals for binary options, brokers use many no deposit bonuses.

What is a bonus? Which bonus binary options brokers offer them for beginners? What is a welcome bonus, and why it is better than a no deposit bonus?

Today, binary option brokers offer three types of bonuses:

1. No deposit bonus: A trader receives this bonus for registering
2. Welcome Bonus: This bonus is given for the first deposit and sometimes for the next
3. No deposit welcome bonus: This bonus the same as no deposit bonus

As we already know, brokers use no deposit bonuses to attract more clients. Sometimes it’s done illegally!

What is the No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is given without a deposit!

The most important thing for a trader who wants to get a no deposit bonus is to understand that this is not a gift. A no deposit bonus can’t be withdrawn; the trader must make a certain quantity of bids to withdraw it.

BUT! All the income you earn with a no deposit bonus will belong to you!
If you intend to use a no deposit bonus, the first thing you should do is read the conditions of the bonus.

So, a no deposit bonus is given just to involve you in trading!
In this view, no deposit options are often offered by very young brokers that are totally unknown.

However, I don’t recommend trading binary options with no deposit bonuses!

What is the welcome bonus on your first deposit

The welcome bonus is the bonus that the broker gives when the trader makes his or her first deposit.

Scammers also use this type of bonus, but most binary options brokers use the welcome bonus to help the beginner to start profitable trade. This bonus is useful because if a beginner decided to trade binary options, he or she may not be able to afford to invest $1000-5000. However, he or she can increase or even double his or her deposit.

Do you agree that $100 is not enough to start trading binary options? In this case, most beginners don’t even have time to understand what binary option trading is. They lose their deposits within 1-2 days.

Binary options' brokers understand that, and, therefore, give different welcome bonuses.

However, a welcome bonus, like a no deposit bonus, is not a gift. It serves only to help the trader start making a stable profit.

Before agreeing to receive the welcome bonus, carefully read the terms and conditions!

We learned about different deposits. Share your thoughts in the comments. For those who have already tried bonuses, let us know.

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