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Which Forex Brokers Had The Best Spreads In November?

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November has seen a constant theme - dollar weakness BUT some pairs have been very volatile and others less so. Markets have generally stabilized since earlier this year, raising the question: who’s pricing has been the best?

Top Brokers


IC Markets have a reputation for extremely low spreads, and their performance throughout November has exemplified why this reputation stands. Dominating the competition across the major FX pairs, IC Markets is a sure bet for traders looking to trade on razor sharp spreads.

Data and widgets are courtesy of TradeProofer

IC Markets have remained the king of the EURUSD throughout November, having razor thin spreads throughout the Asia, EU and US sessions. Below shows the average spreads for the US session throughout November, and as you can see IC Markets is considerably leading the market.

AUDUSD On the Aussie there was tight competition between TradeMax and IC Markets, however TradeMax got the upperhand. To reduce the noise on the chart below try clicking brokers on and off in the key. GBPUSD On the cable IC Markets held it down again, keeping tight spreads throughout the day, having a clear edge over the competition. Watch out for the roll of the day, as all brokers spreads blow out wide; the best during roll was FP Markets. USDCHF IC Markets shows their true colours by holding down spreads on the swissie, with great spreads the whole trading day. During the roll period Pepperstone and FP minimise their spreads the best.

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