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Who trades more often - men or women?

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What stays behind the gender?

From psychological point of view in general, men are more willing to take risks. This is something that allows them to try new things. On the other hand, when women want to trade they will take all of their time to understand absolutely in depth all the aspects that are involved. What is your point of view about this analysis?

Who is really trading more?

We can say that the majority of binary traders are men. You can find in the platform of any social broker, that there are mostly men from different countries involved in this type of investments. When we see a woman trading, in our opinion and experience, she is really well prepared to trade.

For men it's easier to directly start trading and learn during the process. They look for solutions on how to avoid problems and losses along their trading path. On the other hand, women first prepare, build a plan and organize their strategies before initiating any type of investments.

What do you think about that: Why on most brokers’ websites you will see a picture of a beautiful girl? Do you think that this will attract more women? It's really interesting topic because when a broker knows which gender is more active, it is easier for it to target that specific group of traders.

We believe that both genders have different approach about trading. Do you agree with this statement?

In our opinion, the best solution for women and men will be to learn from each other and to create a hybrid approach regarding binary trading. Regardless, of gender what unites traders is the desire to make high returns on their investments.

When using a social broker, women and men can share their point of view regarding different financial issues and in the end of the day they will be able to be exposed to different types of financial strategies.

What we have mentioned above is based on our opinions and experiences. We welcome anyone to comment on this topic or just to drop by one word if she/he agrees or disagrees with what we have written.

It is really interesting to find out what do traders from both genders think about this. We value your opinions and invite you to comment.

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